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-Exams, projects and papers due will be listed in the News section on each subject's website. Click on the subject in which you are enrolled to view these items and a copy of your class syllabus.

- The front page of this website will be dedicated to announcements to all classes. Essentially, I have made a replica of the chalkboard from my classroom!

- I have posted my office hours for this spring semester on the site. Pay attention to the contact information listed on the same page.

- Some students need constant reminders of the policies in a school setting... (I know, hard to believe) I have posted some of the common violations of the Student Handbook, including the imfamous "KJ" Rule. 

Spring Semester High School History Courses Room Change

Due to conditions in the High School building, my room has been moved to Mrs. Brown's old room in the Middle School building. This room change is for the remainder of the semester. Students will be required to make it to class on-time as in the other building and students are required to use the West set of double doors to enter the middle school. Failure to use these doors will result in an automatic detention. No Exceptions. 


Student Council

 Student Council meets every Wednesday at 2:45 in Mr. Frazier’s room. (Rm. 901)

2009-2010 Student Council Members:

Seniors: Laney, Sarah G. and Cameron

Juniors: Chelsea, Latreicia and Brittany

Sophmores: Xavier, Sterling and Zach

Freshmen: Emily, Lucas and Ke' Mahn

The Student Council would like to thank everyone who bought a Candy Gram for Valentiens' Day! We made more than $90 in sales. A special thank you goes to all the non-Council members who worked to get them ready for delivery and to Mrs. Moore, who donated time and supplies to make the Valentines' Day special for students of our school!

The Student Council would also like to thank all of those who donated during our Support our Troops program. We were able to deliver your items and letters to the Blue Star Mothers of Tulsa the week that school released for Winter Break. Your charity gave those protecting our freedoms a special gift this holiday season. Thank You!!!


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