American History


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- Tutoring Hours are as follows:

Tuesday Afternoon: 2:45 - 3:15

Thursday Afternoon: 2:45 - 3:15

Friday Morning: 7:15 - 7:45

Bring your US History textbook, paper and something to write with. These sessions will continue till the February EOI Practice Exam.

American History: Reconsturction to Present Syllabus

Course Introduction

            The study of American History is a life long process. As a core level class in high school, this course has been designed to expand you development and knowledge of the material. The subject can be challenging yet rewarding and offer you a glimpse of our collective culture and ancestry. My ultimate goal is to establish in you a living history of our country and give you the tools to participate in our future.

 Course Format             This course will be centered on our textbook. Due to the amount of the material, we will be moving swiftly through the book, at roughly a chapter per week. It is essential that you participate in the lectures and discussion so that you do not lose the opportunity to understand key concepts. We will use exams, presentations and reviews to help facilitate the instruction of the material. Occasionally, a video presentation and PowerPoints will be shown also.


            This course will give you several opportunities to show your developing knowledge in the subject. An important key for showing that development is success on the exams. Our exams will consist of sections, covering different areas of the discipline. Worksheets will be occasionally assigned to assist in retaining the most current information. This course will have a variety of activities to further drive our studies. Projects and class presentations will be assigned as supplements to certain content. Finally, this course will have assigned opinion papers. These will not be graded on content, however will be graded as a completed task and assigned to determine if an idea has been understood.



Grading Points

Exams                                                                                                             100 pts x 8 

Video Summaries                                                                                            50 pts x 4 

Chapter Reviews                                                                                            25ptsx24 

Presentations                                                                                                 100 pts x 2

Essays                                                                                                            100 pts x 2 

Final Exam                                                                                                     200pts


                                                                                                                      = XXXX pts

  Texts and Materials 

            We will be using the textbook American Anthem as our primary source material. It is important for you to bring your textbook and supplies to class everyday. Failure to do so wastes valuable time and could affect your grade (see tardy section of Student Handbook). Your class materials should include clean paper, a pen or pencil, your text and any additional sources assigned.

 Office Hours and Contact Information 

            I am aware of my responsibilities as your teacher and will actively pursue a professional approach towards all of my students. I intend to provide open office hours in the classroom both prior to and/or after school. I will provide those times on the board the beginning of the week. I will also be able to respond to your questions via phone during appropriate times on both evenings and weekends. Also, you may contact me via our school e-mail. This is especially a good means of communication on the breaks during the semester. Parents are overwhelmingly encouraged to contact me with any questions they may have.

 Phone Number: 409-9467                                                 E-Mail: 

Class Policies and Academic Misconduct 

            This course is geared towards developing your academic skills. Academic misconduct is a major violation of your responsibility as a student. Academic misconduct includes but is not limited to; plagiarism, cheating and/or disrupting the learning environment. These violations are assessed on a case by case basis. Please refer to the student handbook for all school and classroom policies.

[1] This is as tentative grading scale. It is subject to change throughout the semester as required by the instruction of the material.

[2] I would love to give you a point total however our weekly assignments and homework will vary so I have no earthly idea…

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